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Soul Blessed...

Ceci is an energetic, exciting and strong Lead and background vocalist with over 30 years of experience in various genres of music, a variety of Latin music, Jazz, R&B, Funk, Soul, Gospel, Blues and just about anything you throw at her, SHE CAN BLOW!


Her Roots...

Ceci was born in Alamogordo, New Mexico, and raised in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area around a family of musicians and talented vocalists. Her father was influential in the direction she took in music and began to coach her to sing at the age of 10, then soon performing professionally in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area by the age of 16.

Early Recording Experience...

Once arrived, she soon became a high-profile performer while at the same time building her reputation as a prolific songwriter and recording artist. Opportunities ensued to sing on jingles for radio commercials and finally to pursue her dream to become a major label artist and performer. She was signed to an Independent Label as a dance music artist and released her first single under the management of Sammy Mikel and later Tommy Quon Productions, which soon lead to a major contract with Virgin Records in the late 80’s, with an EP deal in R&B and Dance Music.

Recent and Present Works...

In 2013, Ceci formed a strong alliance with her husband and partner, Curt Jones, (former lead vocalist and guitarist for funk groups Slave, Aurra & Deja in the 80s). Curt’s background is extensive, whose primary instruments are guitar, bass and keyboards, displays many of his multifaceted assets; producing, writing, arrangements, and chord progressions that ascend the listener on a one-way ticket to Venus by way of musical elliptical genius! Together, they have established themselves as a dynamic duo, performing together across the country as Curt Jones and Aurra, making Ceci his duet female vocalist for this “come-back” and revival show that takes you on a journey to the funky times performing music from his tenure with Slave and his co-founder alliance with Aurra.

Ceci’s hard work, dedication and determination to continue to be the recording artist that she has always strived to be, is releasing her debut CD album entitled “Levels Of Love” this Fall. This production is a labor of love that started when Curt and Ceci met in 2013.

This body of work was co-written and produced with her husband Curt Jones and touches on the many different levels of Love and Relationships that many listeners can relate to. By no means does it cover every experience of love, but Ceci gives us a sample of at least 15 levels on her CD with a mix of funky beats, smooth R&B and cool vibes, sultry and sensuous ballads, mid-tempo grooves and a little something for the steppers out there! Fans and listeners will be pleased to find a couple of duets with her husband and you will definitely hear Curt shred on some guitar solos for those fans who follow his playing live on YouTube!

Ceci talks about her new music saying, “Each track has something special vocally, melodically and musically that will “take you there”. Wherever “there” is, you will find yourself reminiscing something about a love you have or once had and have you feeling “some kind of way”. This is “grown folk’s music for the most part” but for those younger listeners with “Old Souls” and a romantic heart, this is also for you and I am excited to share my journey with you!”

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